Whether you’re blogging for your own self, or whether you get paid to blog for an organization or an individual, the ‘secrets’ to becoming a successful blogger are pretty much the same.

Now however, the ‘secrets’ have been revealed! Here are 10 traits or characteristics which make successful bloggers who they are, things which define their success (in no particular order):

1. They have a sense of purpose and a set of clearly defined aims and objectives.

And this is essential with just about everything that you do in life: what is/was your main purpose for blogging? Why did you start blogging? What was your motive behind it? How can you create a harmony between the style of your blog and your own writing style? These are just some of the pertinent questions that you need to ask yourself in order to establish a sense of purpose. Niche bloggers usually have an extremely focused, however all bloggers are not niche bloggers, and hence need to define (realistic) aims, objectives and goals and how they intend to accomplish those goals.

2. They know the importance of having a competitive edge.

Being a successful blogger is all about having a competitive edge. There might be hundreds of other people blogging on the same subjects as you are, what gives you the edge over them? The same information that you’re putting up on your blog is also being put up on many other blogs on the internet and people can get the same information from anywhere but what makes them come to you? It’s what you have in the bag that no one else does: your ability to connect with an audience, your use of humor on a dull/boring subject, your writing style, the authenticity that your words have, the fact that you couple your blog with a great product, or perhaps it is something else. Find your competitive edge and use it to your advantage.

3. They understand the importance of quality.

Whether you admit it or you don’t, quality (well, quality content in particular) is what will ultimately make or break your blog – which is why quality content forms the foundation of any successful blog. Over here, it is essential to understand that defining ‘quality’ is subjective. However quality content usually means that the blog puts up original and well-crafted content that is informative, relevant, entertaining-to-read and grammatically-correct for the people in your niche. And if you can offer something extra to your readers, that would sweeten the deal even more!

4. They are firm believers of quality over quantity.

Many bloggers try to give precedence to quantity by focusing on writing more. Unsurprisingly, they never become accomplished bloggers because their approach to blogging is totally wrong. One of the biggest trait of a successful blogger is that he/she puts a priority on quality instead of quantity. Write less, but write well. Share higher quality content rather than churning out too many posts that are just poor. For instance you could write one good blog post a day (or one-per-week) and work on giving your readers the best.

5. They are consistent with their writing.

When it comes to blogging, it’s all about consistency. The more consistent you are, the more traffic you’ll get on your blog (which is what one of your aim is, right?). In order to be a successful blogger, you don’t have to post every day, for instance. However depending on your niche/industry, I recommend putting fresh content on your blog at least once every fortnight, if not more often. However the essential thing is to be consistent with it, as this will allow you to make returning visitors/readers and make it easy for them to know when they will hear from you.

6. They can add variety to their posts easily.

From what I’ve seen over the years, one big trait that all successful bloggers have in their blogging arsenal is the ability to add variety to their posts. Doing the same kind of stuff gets monotonous and pretty boring quite quickly. In order to keep the interest of your visitors, you might want to look into adding a bit more variety to your posts by adding pictures, images, infographics and videos, and taking on different kinds of posts such as list-based posts, interviews, tutorials, questions-and-answers, case studies, memes, satirical or controversial posts or something similar.

7. They develop a rigid schedule and follow it.

Perhaps one of the biggest traits of a successful blogger is the fact that they can schedule their time effectively, in order to accomplish all that they intend to accomplish in a single day, a week, or a month – all while keeping time wastage at a minimum. As a blogger, you’ll soon discover (well, if you haven’t already) that blogging is much, MUCH more than just writing. It entails a lot of other tasks – big and small – such as research, marketing, blog commenting, guest posting, and of course, writing. This all apart from the other activities and commitments that you may have in your life! In order to be able to do all this effectively, you need to plan your time, which means keeping and following a schedule!

Over to You

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